What makes Area 15 Yacht Club different?

Area 15 is the anti yacht club, yacht club. We are a group of sailors that were in a “Sailing Association” for many years and enjoyed our time there.

However, as with all Yacht Clubs/Sailing Associations, eventually people on the committee decide that they need to have control over the members and their boats.

This generally happens when committee members with little imagination want to feel they have made a difference. It is much easier to control your members than to do things that actually benefit them.

So a few of us who were against the new rules decided to do something different. We decided to keep the things we liked about the association “as it was” and throw out the rest. So what did we like?

We liked :-

  • Meeting up with friends
  • Having a beer or two
  • Enjoying great company
  • New and interesting sailing events all year
  • Relaxed atmosphere with no political BS
  • Sharing sailing knowledge and experience
  • Sharing information about our boats
  • Supporting each other
  • Sailing in company

So with the above in mind we created Area 15 Yacht Club

Area 15 is any place where ASBOs come together (any sail boat owner).

Where everyone is a Commodore (including the dogs and children).

What you WON’T find in Area 15 are rules. Or committees. Or much of any kind of agenda.

You won’t find much in the way of planning going into what we do either. However, we do have regular “Dis-organised Events” throughout the year.

We come together often on the spur of the moment when we happen to be in the same place at the same time, and decide what to do, and where to go, mostly just before we do it.

Our ethos is to go with the flow, because life is too short. Our everyday lives are governed by rules, and having to be places and do things that are expected and demanded of us. Sailing and being out on the water is not about these constraints.

We try not hurt, upset or inconvenience anyone. We take responsibility for ourselves and our boats on the water and we look out for each other.

That’s about it – the sort of things you do everyday anyway!

The only rules we have are.

Rule #1: there are no rules
Rule #2: refer to rule 1.

What will you find when you get there?

You’ll find Area 15 in all kinds of places; afloat, in harbours, marinas, anchorages, in a pub…

Look out for us with our big flags, then come say hello and hang out a while.

Area 15 – a different kind of sailing community.